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  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Wheel Tune - Six Realms
  3. Puckham
  4. Cornwall
  5. Two Lao Tzu poems (French)
  6. The Face of the Beloved (based on Ibn Arabi verse)
  7. Dodo song
  8. Blow away


KagyuSamye Ling 40th Anniversary

acelebration in song and music

byKen Holmes


  1. Forty Years poem
  2. Chujé Akong Tulku on 40 years (Berlin 2007)
  3. Akong Rinpoche's Shapten (long life prayer)
  4. 7-line Guru Yoga
  5. Lama Yeshe Rinpoche and his Shapten
  6. Introduction to next track
  7. Calling the Guru (Lama Jangbö),  words and tune Hanna Hündorf
  8.  Samsaric Teardrop
  9.  Chujé Akong Tulku on lineage (Berlin 2007)
  10.  Introduction to next track
  11.  Khenchen Trangu Rinpoche's appeal to Kunzik Shamarpa
  12. Sun, Moon and Stars (famous author who prefers to remain anonymous)
  13. SamsaricTeardrop
  14. Akong Rinpoche 60th birthday song
  15. Lama Yeshe 60th birthday song


phonecall from someone in India


All arrangements and instruments: Ken Holmes, except

track7                   words and original tune, Hanna Hündorf

track 14 tune and arrangement Mike Bluebird, lyrics Holmes,

recorded Crossroads Studio Antwerp April 2000

track11                                Rangdrol String Quartet accompanies

tracks3, 4 &5       tune Tibetan traditional, arranged Holmes

recordedin la Ciotat, France, June (Saka Dawa) 2007